Lithium Love Stories

Sound installation

A sound-video installation that explores the current "love"/" affinity" that global markets have developed for the extraction and consumption of lithium. Lithium is one of the materials needed for the production of electric batteries and is crucial for the transition to green energy. Our society faces the question of how to escape the repressive dynamics of colonial extractivism, where countries like Bolivia are able to own resources but must find "trading partners" either from the global North like Germany, the United States, Canada, or newer players in the market dynamics like China.

The Salar del Uyuni and the Teufel Moor share more in common than what it seems at first sight.. Both topologically flat lands, they accumulate material, different in composition, but both full of potential energy. Lithium Love Stories is a sound poem to flatlands, to spaces that are considered still, but hold potentials for energy and for a critical reflection on the way we extract resources.

With kind support of the:
Senator für Kultur Bremen

You can listen to the sound track here: