Victor Artiga Rodriguez (*1987 El Salvador) is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher exploring the convergence of poetry, the body and digital technologies. Through multimedia installations and performance, he explores new forms of narration that touch upon themes of decolonization, climate crisis and nostalgia. Often intertwining electronics with organic materials like clay/ceramics, his installation invites the bodies of performers and viewers to a communal critical reflection on our condition as a techno-consumer society. 

He currently lives and works in Bremen, Germany. His works have been exhibited in El Salvador, Costa Rica, France, United States, Cuba, and Germany. He is also interested in continually engaging in artistic collaborations. In 2019 together with Icaro Lopez de Mesa and Pablo Somonte Ruano, they formed Tremendo Parche Latino, an artist collective challenging notions of exotisation for Latinamerican artists in Germany. Later, morphing into Tremenda Corporea, in collaboration with Rahel Jüngling and Carla Anacker, an interdisciplinary collective with interests in body practices, digital technologies and fabric arts.

From February 2020 until April 2022, together with Aria Farajnezhad, they curated the project space of Circa 106 (Center for International Research and Collaborative Art) in Bremen. An artist-run initiative which hosts lectures, exhibitions and residencies exploring the possibilities of collaboration in artistic practices.

Victor Artiga Rodriguez