The Paradoxical Myth of The Crazed Jaguar and Nene del Solar
Performance + Publication 
2022 in collaboration with Icaro Lopez de Mesa Moyano

Techno-sonic performance, where Jaguar and Nene encounter to decipher the connections among raw materials, technology and the sun. The Jaguar in Mesoamerican mythology is the protector of the jungle, light and darkness simultaneously. In this performance, a Cyborg-Jaguar embodies techno devices emitting the sorrows of a jungle in destruction. Nene del Solar is a designer of rhythmic machines, who questions the origin of the materials used in their fabrication, placing into a dialogue the ancestral knowledge of making drums with the digital-electronic.

Through colonial dynamics, the fabrication of electronics and industrial machinery has been historically linked to the exploitation of territories in the Global South. The project explores the close relations between the sun and the tropical area, as a concept defined by the incidence of the solar rays, an endangered area full of biodiversity and natural resources. Through body in movement, poetry and sound, Jaguar and Nene inquire the problematics around the ontological division in Western thought between the animal and the human, technology and nature. 

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Victor Artiga Rodriguez