Bodies of Resonance
Performance/installation, ceramics, arduino, humidity sensors, microphones
2021 Performed at Schwankhalle Bremen / work in collective - Tremenda Corporea 

The project was shown in the context of the festival “BZW Natur” in collaboration with the theater space Schwankhalle in Bremen. This took the form of a performance walk/field recording, where we invited the public to use twelve “resonators” in the vicinity of the theater space, at the lake called “Werdersee”. Participants were first welcomed by us, with a 20 minute performatic introduction where the “instructions” on how to use the ceramic techno body were given, as well as handed a “user's manual”, which contained a series of suggested scores and also a fabric meant for comfort.  The audience then becomes the sonic performers which would go either in pairs or alone, to perform with the “Resonator” on the shore of the lake the scores we had suggested, as well as their own scores, for a period of 40minutes - 2 hours. The performers returned to the theater space, where we would once again welcome them and bring the resonator inside together, and place it in a sound installation where the field recordings of the twelve ceramic bodies resonate together. 

Victor Artiga Rodriguez